FAQs for Interiors

Are you a decorator?

I’m not a decorator, I’m a designer—which means I can decorate and so much more. Interior designers can do anything a decorator can do, but not vice a versa. Certified interior designers require formal education while a decorator does not. I needed to work for 2 years under a licensed architect after completing at least one design degree (I have two) because I could even qualify to take the NCIDQ exam.

In fact, many of the responsibilities of an interior designer overlap with those of an architect as well. Read our blog post on the difference between an interior designer and decorator here.

What’s your process like?

SG23 has a streamlined 12-step process that we typically review with clients in detail as part of a Boutique Consultation. The process is comprehensive, transparent and gives our clients so much peace of mind because they have a better idea of what to expect.

Do you work with architects?

All the time! On both commercial and residential projects. Before focusing on SG23 Design full-time I worked at a prestigious architecture firm for over 5 years on award-winning projects and I did much of the work that all of the architects did, down to structural drawings. Therefore, I have more of a handle on the construction of a building than most designers. I also have a good report with builders and contractors.

Do you help clients find a contractor?

Yes, that’s actually what I prefer. I find that clients who choose a contractor that hasn’t been vetted by a design professional like myself usually regrets it later even if they were the cheapest option. If you don’t pay for a good professional from the beginning you’ll pay for it later.

That being said, if you tend to work with a contractor that you absolutely love, I’m not going to stop you.

How does a homeowner or business start working with SG23 Design?

The is scheduling free 30 minute information session phone call. Book your call at this link.

FAQs for Brand Identities + Graphic Design

How does the process start for a new brand identity?

It all begins with research and discovery. We work with you to clearly define your ideal client or customer because that’s who you want to attract. Then we explore what’s already out there to see what’s been done and how we can make your identity stand out and convey what makes your company unique.

What does a typical brand identity package include?

At a minimum, our packages typically include the following:

  • A logo

  • A mark

  • A favicon

  • Defined color scheme

  • Defined font system

  • Business card design

  • Letterhead design

We also provide files for both print and web applications.

Do you design marketing collateral?

Oh yes! We especially love to booklets, pamphlets and portfolios.

Will you revamp old logos?

Yes, these are interesting projects because it’s also an exploration of how a company has changed and evolved. We typically still do research and discovery so that we have a good grasp of your ideal client and how to convey that through your new logo and mark.

FAQs for Websites

Are your websites viewable on mobile devices?

Yes, all of the websites we design and build are responsive. This means that the websites will adjust according to the device screen size.

Do you manage websites?

Yes, my team has the ability to manage your website on a regular basis after build-out. I have found that my clients often have the intention of managing their own websites in the beginning, but end up coming back to us for regular website management because running a business is a lot of work! Business owners need to focus on their own customers and clients, so SG23 is able to step in and manage a client’s website while they continue to grow their business.

How do handle photography for websites?

If your website requires content such as headshots or product photography we have professionals that we love to work with and would be happy to recommend. We build a team around your project that will reinforce a cohesive aesthetic. We can also develop photography concepts and be on set to direct photoshoots depending on the complexity of the project.